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Take a dive into wardrobe today on the blog,. We will be covering our top 3 tips for preparing outfits and getting coordinated for family photos!

Top 3 Tips For Family Photos

Family Photography in Houston

Ashley Newman Photography

I am loving these warm vibes this family pulled together! Don’t they look amazing?
There is so much more that goes into incredible images like this, than just what you are wearing. Sure, I visit with my clients to give tips, plan/style their sessions, and help select outfits…but real storytelling happens when you follow three simple steps.

Ashley’s Top 3 Tips For Family Photos

  • Wardrobe
    When I meet clients to go over wardrobe options, I often suggest dressing how you feel comfortable, and to imagine the images in your house- meaning will what you’re wearing go with your decor? It seems like a simple tip, but when you look back at family pictures, you aren’t necessarily going to fondly remember the weather or season so much as you will how it felt to have your children in your arms and all the memories you have made.
    Mom! Now I am talking to you! Put yourself first. (You read that right!) Plan your outfit before any else. When you feel comfortable, you look good and it shows! Once you have something you love and feel good in, you can more easily plan what everyone else is wearing. Don’t plan everyone else before you- you will end up trying to make something work for yourself and it’s just not the mood you want to bring into the session- I promise. You will feel better if you are not an afterthought.

  • Collaborator
    Consider yourself a partner in creating these memories. I know you have someone taking the pictures and probably guiding and directing you on what to do, but at the end of the day, if you are not engaged and invested in the process, you aren’t going to get the same experience. Be intentional about creating memories with your children. Use this time to be yourself, do special things that are unique to your family and let honest, natural connections shine.

  • Experience
    Don’t anticipate the end result. Instead, embrace whatever the feeling is at the moment (and with young children, you know that feeling can change multiple times in just a few short minutes). Decide to be fully present and don’t sweat the small stuff!

Wardrobe, collaboration, and experience- that’s what makes an authentic session with real connections that you will cherish forever. Scroll down for more images from this lovely session or to book your ANP experience today.

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