What to Expect At Your Beach Session


Planning a family beach session? Here is what you can expect!

What to Expect At Your Beach Session

How to Prepare For Family Photos

Galveston Family Photographer

The Gulf is perfect this time of year. Take a day trip out to Galveston, land up on some awesome lunch and then meet me out by the ocean for the most memorable and fun session yet!
Here’s what you can expect if you are thinking about beach pictures.

  • Wind
    Embrace it and try not to fuss too much over your hair. It happens and the beach is just one those magical places that is beautiful and messy all at once. You can curl your hair all you like but it’s going to be blown out in moments. If hair is a big for you like it is for me, embrace a more messy look and focus on your makeup. I try not to go too crazy with makeup and aim for a natural look, but it will ease some frustration when that Gulf wind hits you.

  • That Sun Tho
    The sun doesn’t really have a place to hide at the beach, so your session may be scheduled later in the evening or as close to sunset as possible. Make sure you plan your family and children for that.

  • People
    Unless you have access to a super private beach front ocean view, there will be people around. There may even be people in the background of your photos. I personally edit out everyone and everything I can, but the reality is that there are people around and you will likely have an audience. It’s easy for our minds to edit out those things but prepare yourself to have photos taken with other people around. Focus on your family and the moment- the rest will fade away.

  • Events
    This leads me to my next point- make sure your day of choice doesn’t include holidays or have special events that surround it located on the beach. Galveston has an awesome event calendar– make sure to check it out!

  • Wildlife
    No place is safe and one of the things I like the least about the beach is something touching me in the water when I cannot see it. EEEEEEK! It’s also Texas, so we will have mosquitos, various bugs and any seasonal clean creatures to contend with. We will make sure to be as safe as possible and avoid jellyfish if they have decided to show up on the beach that day.

  • Your Own Fears
    Don’t let any of this stop you! Your children are more capable of a photo session with all of this than you think. They are ready to play and have fun- the beach is honestly the perfect spot to make real and specific memories while having your pictures taken. Don’t hold backbit keep all of these things in mind as you start to plan your session.

Take a look at this incredible and honestly emotional beach session. This family rocked it and wasn’t;t afraid of getting a little dirty together!

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