How to Prepare From A Summer Family Session


So, you did it. You finally booked that family photoshoot that you have had on your mind for way too long, but now what? Here is every tip you need to know to prepare for your summer time photoshoot coming straight from me, your photographer.

How to Prepare From A Summer Family Session

Family Photography and Texas Heat

Every year we do our own family photos- for two reasons. First, it’s always good to update our family photos just like you! 😉 But also it’s a good reminder of what my clients go through to get ready for pictures. A little self-induced chaos, because family pictures are always a little crazy to get ready for.
I digress…my point in saying that is we normally end up taking family photos in the summer because my fall is full of other families. And it’s hot as heck out there. I think a lot of people wouldn’t purposefully choose summer unless they really don’t mind the heat or have something specific to celebrate.
From my pain and sweat, come awesome tips for surfing pictures in the heat if you find yourself in a similar situation 😉

Every Secret You Must Know Before Your Summer Photoshoot

  1. Bug Spray
    During the summer time, the mosquitos only tend to multiply. By bringing bug spray to our photoshoot, we are able to stop any annoying bug bites before they even show up. I always carry some with me, but extra never hurts.

  2. Pack Water Bottles too!
    Avoid the risk of dehydration in the Texas heat by ensuring you, and the family are hydrating before, during, and after our session. Plus your skin will look amazing 😉

  3. Bring Hand Towels
    I want you to be glowing in your photos, but not because of sweat. Pack a couple hand towels to wipe off any sweat, or even a change of clothes if that makes you feel more comfortable!

  4. Wear Light Colors
    Darker clothing tends to attract the heat to you, but lighter colored clothing helps reflect it. Doubts on what to wear? Talk to me! We can plan it together- I got you!

  5. Avoid Heavy Meals
    This doesn’t mean that I don’t want you packing snacks… Because I definitely want you too! But there are some foods you probably don’t want in your belly before you venture out into the heat. Try a light meal before our session.
    For more on foods to avoid, check out this awesome article by Food Republic.

  6. Switch Up the “Typical” Scenery
    Creek sessions, beach sessions, and even setting up a sprinkler offer ways to help everyone stay cool while still allowing me to capture the beautifully natural moments that come from spending time together. Bringing the session inside is always an option as well! Home stories are some of my favorite sessions to do. Nothing beats snuggles on the couch in the comfort of your own home!

  7. Take Breaks
    Jump back in the car, and cool off in the AC for a minute. Stretch for a moment. Tend to those babies if need be. Take a break, however a break would look to you. I want you to feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

  8. Be Patient
    The best things take time, we have all heard that. Be sure to have patience, and trust the process. I promise that when it comes to documenting your family’s precious moments, you are safe with me.

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