What To Wear For Newborn Photos


You’ve just had a baby and now you have to figure out what to wear and how to style your whole family? Are you dizzy yet? Don’t worry- I have some easy tips and tricks that I share with all my clients to help them get ready.

What To Wear For Newborn Photos

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It’s enough to make anyone feel a bit overwhelmed- preparing for a baby, what to buy, decorating the nursery, what are the latest and greatest things needed…and then to add to that, what to wear after you have just had a baby?
I got you, friend! Once you are booked, I am here with you through the entire process. But let’s dive into what that really looks like to help you better prepare (because you are amazing and already looking at this, I know you want the good stuff)

Wardrobe Tips: What To Wear

Ah, the age old question always associated with photo shoots. Styling is one thing I try not to have too much of a hand in, since I want you guys to still be you not, Ashley Newman’s idea of fashion. But here is my 2 cents:
For parents, think simple and neutral. For siblings, think layers. Probably the biggest difference between sessions that look great and sessions that look wow is adding that extra something special to pull everything together.

  • Start with mom. I know this one is hard because mom is always last on the list, but hear me out. You are going to have just had a baby. You want to feel like the amazing queen you are. Find something that fits more loose (maybe a flowing dress or tunic top that makes you feel pretty) and build the rest from there.

  • Head to toe. Remember to dress down to you and your family’s feet! No scuffed Reeboks for boys, but fun shoes like Converse, “boat” shoes, or boots. Same for girls, no Dora crocs, but more traditional Mary Janes or boots work best! (or go barefoot! I am never against barefoot!)

  • Coordinate. As you think about your color palette, imagine your family being one complete piece of artwork. Each person/outfit will bring together a feeling of coordination. Instead of everyone wearing the same shade of blue – think about what accent colors might look nice with said blue. Perhaps blue plaid shorts for your son with a t-shirt, vest and hat. Pull some of the colors of his plaid shorts to find a great skirt or dress for your little girl. Dad can wear some jeans and a shirt that coordinates with the plaid shorts and skirt on your daughter, and finish it off with an awesome jacket and fedora. Mom will round the entire family out with an amazing dress that pulls it all together with the family color story.

  • Baby’s outfit. Most of the time, your baby will be swaddled or wrapped and in your arms. That is where they are most comfortable and it’s part of the connected posing I like to do. Plan for one special outfit for them (unless discussed with your photographer). Most babies won’t handle multiple outfit changes and disturbances. We want baby safe and snuggled with you- what they wear is less important than how comfortable they are. Plus i have tons of great neutral swaddled to help make everything come together.

  • When in doubt, remember, I am here to help! All my clients have access to a free online styling tool. I’m also available via text or the phone to look at and discuss your ideas.

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