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This is my WHY. This is my mission statement. I want you to have every picture I take.

All Inclusive Newborn Photographer

Ashley Newman Photography | The Woodlands, TX

Hey there! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Today, I feel like I have a lot on my mind, so it’s time to let my fingers do the talking! Searching for a newborn photographer in the sea of google results can be a lot. I GET IT. I’m a mom and I am a photographer. But every year, I work with a new photographer and honor my family by having photos made. Period. So I know what it’s like to search for someone, read all the fine print, prep my family and then try to show up for pictures. Year after year with three little kids in tow.

So really…what’s on my heart today is your family. The pictures that result from the session. When it’s all said and done. When you wipe the sweat from your brow and load up your gaggle of kids and cross your fingers that the photographer got SOMETHING.
When you go home and you wait and wait for your sneak peek hoping it will not reflect the mess that was attempting to even have the photos taken in the first place. I get it. These kids are crazy, amiright?

I guess what I am trying to say after all of that rambling is this- why after all of that would you want to limit yourself? Why would you want to be boxed in with only having 10-20 images from the session?

And my biggest question- what happens to the photos that you don’t pick?

That is exactly why I am so passionate about you keeping what is yours. These are your babies. You’re pictures. You should get to choose which images are the best. I’ am going to take pictures of your children’s feet, and hands and the teeny little curl of hair on the back of their neck. If you had to pick between a picture of their face, and a picture of their curl, you are probably going to pick their face. I would! But they go together. Those two pictures should go together. that is just how I feel And hell, you may not even post it or print it (I seriously hope you will- my vision is an album!!!) but you will have it. And that is priceless.

So invite me over. Let me come into your space and find the parts of you that are priceless and so worth photographing. I want to share all those little moments and all the tiny things that make your experience in this world so incredibly special. THAT is why I am all-inclusive. That is why I share every image with you. I hope you will share every part of your experience with me.

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Ashley Newman Photography is a Woodlands Family Photographer and Storyteller specializing in outdoor family photography. In addition to lifestyle family portraits, Ashley and her award-winning team offer day-in-the-life legacy sessions, outdoor maternity sessions, fresh 48 hospital portraits and in-home newborn photography. Ashley Newman Photography serves Montgomery county, North-Houston areas: The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Houston and Magnolia.

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