Smash Cakes and Milestones


My tips and tricks for making your smash cake session a total success!

Smash Cakes and Milestones

Ashley Newman Photography

I don’t always do smash cake sessions, but when I do, it’s for cuties like this one right here!!
Mister Killian has grown into the most cute, curly headed precious boy I have ever seen!

Doing a smash cake is a fun way to document that first year of life. You don’t always have to bring a cake, or have cake or do anything with cake. It can be simply about your child and preserving those tiny details of getting bigger. (But if you do bring cake, prepare to share because I love cake!!)

Some things to remember when you are preparing for your smash cake session

  • Prepare your child. it seems silly, but for some babies, the first time they ever see, smell, touch or taste a cake is for this session. It can be overwhelming for the sense and often makes babies put in this situation cry. I embrace it- if they do cry, it’s sweet and we will just go with it so please don’t fret. BUT to avoid this, you can try introducing cupcakes or cake to them a few days prior to the session.

  • Get ready to be hosed down. It gets messy! Bring towels, baby wipes and of course an extra pair of clothing to ride home in.

  • Don’t over do it with props. I want to focus on your baby, not all the stuff. Glitter is messy and destructive. Props are distracting and honestly just not my style 😉 Let’s get messy hands, and fat little feet, and tiny curls on the back of their neck. Those are the things you will want to remember most when they are older and these things have become a beautiful blur of memories.

Check out this sweet session and let’s talk about your baby today!

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