Favorite Places To Shop


A list of Ashley’s favorite shops- local and online, to help you find the perfect outfits for your next family session!

Favorite Places To Shop

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The age old question of what to family photos. I think by now most families know my general rules for planning out outfits, but let my just start by saying— MOM! I’m talking to you! Resist the urge to plan your children first. Plan your outfit first and build everything off of it. One of the reasons I say this time and time again is because often, as mom, we are last. It’s easy to imagine what your kids will wear and it’s likely you may even already hav something in mind. But too often, I find moms plan their entire family and then at the very end, right before the session, they have a hard time finding something at works. I have seen it so many times!!

To help you in your search, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite places to shop. If you’re like me, you never get to go to the store (and now it’s even more important to stay home as much as possible!)- I haven’t seen the inside of a grocery store since Walmart started doing free pick up, and forget about browsing my local Target. So, if you are short on time like I am, here is my go-to list to make shopping a breeze!

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Here are my favorite places to look for cute outfits for your next session!

Favorite Places to Shop

Price points: $-cheap, $$-average, $$$-high, $$$$-expensive


Ok, this is your moment! How often do you get to focus on yourself? How often do you get to dress up and feel pretty? Find something that speaks to you- that helps you to feel amazing, moves freely and looks stunning. Do it!

  1. Vici Collection $$ For me, this store has dramatic and unique looks that no one else has. Add that pop of color with a feminine dress that will wow.

  2. Joyfolie.com $$$ I absolutely love this website- I pretty much order all my own family dresses from here. For girls and women. And if you’re looking for layers- amazing dresses, jackets, caplets.

  3. Alter Ego $$ This amazing and fun store reminds me of Free-People but less mola!

  4. Jen’s Pirate Booty $$$$ Flowing gowns, hippy-chick sleeves and rad tops for the bad-ass pirate in your soul.

  5. Lulus $$$ Formal looks that can bring all the modern mom vibes to your session.

  6. Wren & Ivory $$-$$$ Classic outfits that do you justice and look good for any occasion. They have plus size options and many dresses double as nursing and maternity gowns too!

  7. Freepeople.com $$$$ Free People makes my heart sing. Think easy, breezy, and boho chick. Plus there is now one in the woodlands mall!

  8. Amazon $ My secret for inexpensive gowns that come quickly right to your doorstep! Try reaching “maxi dress” and make sure to look for reviews.

  9. Saved By The Dress $$$ From formal to casual or beach vacation- this online store has so many options at great prices.

  10. Henly $$-$$$$ For the super hip chick, I sometimes think this place is too cool for me but also love their outfits so so much

  11. Sophie & Trey $$ I think this shop has a little of everything. Their style is more simple and for me, there is not a thing wrong with that. Give me simple any day!

  12. Piper and Scoot $$ I like this modern store for not only the different looks they offer, but also their prices!

  13. Roolee $$ This store has all the modern cuts and fabrics that make my heart sing!

  14. ASOS $-$$$ Looking for s steal? This website has it all! it’s my little secret on the internet! They have so many options, so it can be a bit overwhelming. Plus size options and free returns!

  15. Altar’d State $$-$$$$ Prefer to try on your selections? Guys! I love this store. You can shop them locally in The Woodlands Mall, or online. Think boho, vintage chic. Literally, they have everything.


  1. Alice & Ames $$$$ Fun, twirly, classic dresses for girls

  2. Cottons Kids $$ For your basic pieces that will bring it all together. Girls and boys!

  3. HM.com $-$$ I consider H&M the holy grail for all things boy and men. Their price point is ridiculously low, and the clothes are my favorite. Their trouser pants are around $10 and are amazing quality. Amazing. Keep in mind that H&M sizes are a little different, and they run big. If your son is an average size 4, buy him the size 3-4 pants. The 4-5 seems like the obvious choice, but they’ll be too long and too big around the waist.

  4. Zara.com $$-$$$$ This site is not so much my secret anymore but I’m ok with it. There are so many adorable pieces and accessories. Check it out!

  5. Joyfolie.com $$$ So many shoes! For girls and women. And if you’re looking for layers- amazing dresses, jackets, caplets.

  6. Forever21.com $-$$ Cute clothes on the cheap. I get a little lost here to be honest but their deals are too amazing not to check out.

  7. Remie Girl $$ I absolutely love this shop so much- think Alice and Ames!

  8. Hannah Anderson $$$ All the basics for boys and girls in adorable fun patterns and colors. This is a go-to for me for sure (they even have family pj sets!)

  9. Well Dressed Wolf $$$$ Boutique quality, girly and vintage all at the same time.

  10. Shop James $$$$ Vintage and timeless for boys and girls

  11. Pebble and Pebble $ Tiny ruffled rompers and all the more precious things for toddlers and babies!!


  1. Mama Bump Rentals $$$ Prefer to rent instead of own? No worries! They have got you covered with a variety of incredible, photogenic gowns.

  2. Maternity Photo Props $$ I think this is a super reasonable site with dresses similar to Sew Trendy. Under their lace gowns, they have some incredible boho dresses that I have never seen before! Think Reclamation without the price tag and a little more delicate!

  3. Reclamation Dresses $$$$ These are to die for! Literally one of a kind, hand made, incredible lace gowns that are the total wow factor.

  4. FillyBoo Maternity $$$-$$$$ For the boho mama

  5. Pink Blush Maternity $$ Simple and sweet dresses that can be worn every day.

  6. Wren & Ivory $$ Their bump friendly collection can be worn after your baby is born. They have a variety of hip dresses and more casual looks. Plus nursing friendly!

  7. Amazon $ An inexpensive way to go! Just search “maternity gowns” and make sure to read the reviews! I have had a lot of great luck with Amazon!


  1. Elise Deanne Designs

  2. Crochet Baby

  3. White Willow Props

  4. Baby Love

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