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Houston Bluebonnet Sessions

When to Schedule Your Bluebonnet Photos

Ashley Newman Photography

Springtime in Texas brings a spectacular sight – the beautiful bluebonnets that paint the landscape with their vibrant blue hues. If you’re planning a bluebonnet photo session in Houston, there are a few essential tips to keep in mind. In this guide, we’ll dive into the details, with a personal touch, on how to make your session a success, emphasizing the importance of booking early and staying flexible.

  • Secure Your Houston Bluebonnet Photographer Early
    The first step to creating stunning bluebonnet memories is to book your Houston bluebonnet photographer well in advance. Do your research, check out portfolios, and reach out to the photographer who resonates with your style and vision. The earlier you book, the better chance you have of working with the photographer of your choice.

  • Stay Flexible with Timing
    Bluebonnets are notorious for their unpredictable bloom dates. Factors like rainfall, temperature, and Mother Nature’s whims all play a part. To capture the vibrant bluebonnets at their peak, flexibility is key. Keep in close contact with your chosen photographer to stay updated on the bloom progress. Be prepared to adjust your timing to ensure your photos are filled with the signature blue hue of these wildflowers.
    I typically block off 2-3 weeks of time dedicated to bluebonnet sessions, but only about 1-2 weeks of that is actually shooting in the flowers themselves. That’s a lot of open time dedicated to flowers! 

  • Distance can be a Factor
    When I started photographer 10+ years ago, I had some great local patches that served as the perfect location for family photos. Gone are the days of close, conveniently located bluebonnet patches. My best and most reliable spots are private locations in the Navasota area. If a drive into the country isn’t your jam, or your babies don’t do well on long car rides, you may want to steer away from booking a bluebonnet session.

  • Plan for Weather and Sunshine
    They love full sun. One of the reasons it is so hard to stack multiple clients in one evening is that bluebonnets like to grow in full sun. That means we have to wait for amazing golden lighting before we start a session. I would rather have the lighting I want and spend more time with families than have a shorter session and more at stake. 
    Weather is a huge factor to consider as well. Every year is different and it’s hard to predict the success of the blooms. No photographer can promise a good bloom season and bluebonnets can be fickle plants. If we have a mild winter, we may see blooms as early as mid to late March. If we get a late cold snap in February, that could kill off flowers and delay blooms into April. If we have less water over the fall and winter months, we may see less growth in general as well. It seems obvious when you write it all out, but it can be equally frustrating to see these flowers thriving alongside the highway, and have a dismal patch at your normal spot. 
    (Safety first! Check out my blog on bluebonnet patch safety!) 
  • Environmental Respect
    While you’re lost in the beauty of your photo session, it’s important to respect the environment. Stick to designated paths or areas to avoid damaging the bluebonnets. Remember, the preservation of these wildflowers is crucial to ensuring future generations can enjoy their beauty.

    Bluebonnets are hardy but fickle plants. They take several years to establish and each growing season can vary depending on conditions. Some years a field can be filled with the stunning flowers, and other years they are more sparse. It’s hard to tell until the plant starts putting out growth in January and February what kind of patch you will have. I like to monitor several locations and I work hard to stay updated on current conditions several weeks in advance. 

By booking your Houston bluebonnet photographer early and staying flexible with your plans, you increase your chances of capturing the enchanting beauty of these wildflowers at their best. Be mindful of your wardrobe, and trust in your photographer’s skills. With these personal tips in mind, you’re well on your way to creating cherished bluebonnet memories.

Don’t forget to share your experience and photos with your friends, family, and followers to spread the beauty of Texas bluebonnets as seen through your lens. Happy bluebonnet season!

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