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Why is outdoor photography better than studio photography? (No offense!) But dive into this post to hear why I love working in nature!

Houston Outdoor Family Photographer

The Advantages of Outdoor Photography

Ashley Newman Photography

Listen, it’s Texas. We all know our weather isn’t always ideal. But you know what? I say to heck with it. Embrace it. Let’s flipping explore together, even if it makes us sweat! Life is messy and it is too short to be spent worrying about whether your hair is going to frizz or the temperature is just perfect.

So why is outdoor photography great and amazing and the bestest?!

  • You can explore new locations with abandon. This location in the post you are looking at is a hidden little gem to us locally. If you haven’t discovered all the natural beauty of the locations around you, it’s time!!

  • This land is your land, this land is my land! Do you remember that song? I can’t remember anything passed that…But in all seriousness…capturing your family in your native area with landmarks that represent where you live and things that are paramount to where you live- priceless. When we lived in Alabama, it was super important to me to document what that looked like. It was different than anywhere I had lived before and I wanted to make sure to capture key features of the landscape. I treasure those memories like nothing else.

  • Nature is so healing. Seriously. It feels good to just kick your shoes off and let go We can play some music, drink some beer and just enjoy being together. This kind of vibe is the stuff of dreams. This is what real family picture are made of.

  • It’s all about embracing what will be. Truly. I love nature because it can be unpredictable (especially in Houston) but it’s so beautiful and it makes the perfect, most simple background ever. I want to focus on you and your family- your connections.

  • And finally! Variety! Listen…nature is naturally going to vary. It changes based on location, time of year…there are so may factors. It is not the same- your pictures will always be different no matter what. No posed studio. No simple backdrop that everyone else has. Just you and your beautiful family. Period.

So what is your reason? Your passion behind why you want family photos? I am all ears! Let’s chat!

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About the Artist

Ashley Newman Photography is a Woodlands Family Photographer and Storyteller specializing in outdoor family photography. In addition to lifestyle family portraits, Ashley and her award-winning team offer day-in-the-life legacy sessions, outdoor maternity sessions, fresh 48 hospital portraits and in-home newborn photography. Ashley Newman Photography serves Montgomery county, North-Houston areas: The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Houston and Magnolia.

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