Layering for Family Photos – What To Wear


Want to add variety or a punch of color to your session? Let’s talk layering and how to make the most of your pictures.

Layering for Family Photos

What To Wear For Family Photos

Ashley Newman Photography

I literally can’t think of anything more “Texas” than the classic style of this darling family. We took advantage of one of my favorite locations and roamed on 10 acres with their little ones- talk about a good day!
We were able to pull off different looks because of mamas incredible planning. How did they do it? Layering!! For anyone who wants to add variety, depth, and options to their session, this post is for you! You can easily create different looks without the fuss of complete outfit changes or having to add a lot of time to your photo session. Take a look at how they pulled it off!

Tips for layering clothing

  • Start with neutrals– They go with everything! Think gray, cream, white, pink, and tan. Start with one of these colors as a base and build from there. This will make adding accessories and pops of color easier.

  • Sleeves- If you have an outfit that has sleeves, consider rolling them or unrolling them to create different looks (I would start with them unrolled).

  • Undershirts- Unbutton your shirt and BAM! A whole new look!

  • Accessories- Add a scarf, hat or vest. These simple accessories can be removed or added easily to create a whole new look.

  • Shoes- They are an important part of any outfit. Find the perfect pair and then consider slipping them off for a more casual look all snuggled up on a blanket. Love barefeet!

  • Patterns- Add in an outfit to compliment a solid that has patterns- think florals, plaid or interesting designs.

What to Avoid

  • Bold Colors- Steer clear of anything neon or too overwhelming. A statement piece is great, but leave the neon athletic shirts at home.

  • Matching- Coordinate everyone, but don’t match.

  • Logos and Words- Unless there is a specific statement you want to make, make sure you don’t have big logos or words on any clothing that distracts away from you and your family.

This property is perfect for a quick change of clothing, as we have a bathroom on site. And they planned it all out so we had plenty of time for both outfits as well as simple changes like hats and accessories. Keep scrolling to see their session and how much variety they were able to add just by following these simple tips!

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