Is 4 Weeks Too Old For Newborn Photos?


What is the ideal age for newborn photos and when should you book your baby session? Today we are doing away with age myths!

Is 4 Weeks Too Old For Newborn Photos?

When Is The Best Time For Newborn Pictures?

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If you have done any amount of searching for a baby photographer, you will see there is a vast range of opinions for the ideal age that your baby must be for photos.

The truth is that when it comes to lifestyle photography, there is no ideal age. Every detail, every dimple and kiss are worth documenting no matter the age. A skilled photographer armed with patience and years of service will be able to capture your family no matter what.

Some of the reasons families wait to take baby photos:

  • Want more time to heal and find their new rhythm. The first 40 days is seen by many as a time to heal after birth.
  • Waiting for vaccines.
  • Chose not to book ahead.
  • Trying to avoid sickness or outside exposures.
  • Waiting for special family to come in.
  • They just aren’t ready. And that is ok.

No matter your reason for the timing of your newborn photos, you should always practice documenting your family. Do not let age ranges defined by the internet tell you when you should book your photos.
My best advice is to find a photographer you align with, whose body of work you enjoy, and contact them directly. They will be able to guide you on the best times to book based on how they operate.

For my clients, I have a more laid back approach, and thus end up working with babies that some photographers would consider to be “older”. I am less concerned with things looking perfect, your baby being posed, or ideal ages…and far more interested in capturing you in this season of life. The real you- the love and mess of it all.

Think about your family’s style and let that guide you as you plan your newborn session.

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