Sick Kids Before Photoshoot


What is the best way to handle when your children get sick right before your scheduled photo shoot? Let's talk about it!

Sick Kids Before Photoshoot

What To Do If Someone Is Sick Before A Photo Session

Ashley Newman Photography

If you’re reading this blog, then I’m sure you’re worried about sickness getting in the way of your family photo session. 

It never fails, you plan a date night, or you’ve got big weekend plans and your kiddo gets sick. As a family of five, I know this pain all too well. 

So let’s dive into what you should do if you or someone in your family is sick before family photos. 

  • Let your photographer know. Even the night before at 8pm please contact me. I know it’s outside of business hours and I may not respond immediately but it’s an important update that will help everyone. 
  • Don’t try to force it. No one looks their best when they don’t feel well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a session where the toddler is crying and uncooperative and the parents say, “this never happens! They are always so happy!” Only to learn the next day that their kiddo is sick. Give you and your family time to heal so you can be your absolute best for your session. 
  • Embrace flexibility. If you booked a full session, you will have more options open in terms of dates but I may not be able to promise another weekend opening until much later than your original date. Weekends go the fastest so grace and understand are important when looking for a new date. 
    If you booked a mini, I will do my very best to work you in before another session but will be unlikely to be able to offer the same set up. 
  • Double check your contract. I do not personally charge a fee to reschedule your session but other photographers might. Be aware of their policies. 

Bottom line: sickness happens to everyone. It happens to your photographer and to our clients. It’s hard to have a good session and to get all the good pictures that you want when someone doesn’t feel well. Plus it just spreads more illness to other people. Please let your photographer know as soon as you know. And remember, if you’re working with me, I am happy to reschedule your session to a time when everyone is at their best. 

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