What is the Average Price for A Family Photoshoot?


Planning to schedule family photos soon? Let’s dive into what to expect from pricing to availability!

What is the Average Price for A Family Photoshoot?

What To Expect When Booking A Session

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It is around this time of the year that people start to look for a family photographer, scope out minis and deals, and begin thinking about their family photo session for the year.
(Or maybe not if you tend to put things off like I do!)

This is when I start to get inquires, questions and people generally wondering what availability there is and how much photo sessions cost. It can be a complicated thing to answer really, because everyone is different and every photographer has different reasons for their pricing.
I’m not here to lecture anyone or even go over my own personal cost of doing business. It’s such a personal thing, in my opinion, and the main reason you are here is to get pricing info. I get that.

So let’s dive right in to booking and cost!

When Should I Book My Session?
  • To get your pick of ideal dates and times, I always recommend to plan about 3 months in advance. Whether you are looking for a mini session or full session- My calendar begins to fill up at the end of August, beginning of September.

  • For Houston weather, most clients prefer spring (March-May) or fall dates (October-November).

  • Weekends fill up the fastest, so if you want specific days, don’t have weekday flexibility or want time to prepare, look ahead.

What Factors Affect Price?
  • The question of the day, right? There is no hard fast rule in the photography world of what an ideal price should be- it’s just the truth. And that is what makes this so hard. Many photographers have their price listed where they feel comfortable. Others aren’t sure or are just starting out. Still others spend time coming up with a cost of doing business and have been working professionally for years refining their craft. The most important thing to remember is to plan.

  • Have your heart set on a certain photographer? Check out their pricing early, budget and plan ahead. Ask about payment plans and be honest about your budget.

  • Sign up for their mailing list. Yeah, getting a bunch of spammy things irritates me too, so sometimes I avoid doing this like the plague. But it can helpful if you are wanting the latest updates or mini session specials. Most of the time the email list is directly managed by the photographer themselves- so it’s just one person trying to communicate with you 😉

  • Makes sure the pricing is clear. Not all photographers deliver every images taken. Some have a sitting fee with the option to purchase prints and digitals separate. To avoid any surprise fees or disappointment, always make sure you have all the information before you commit.

  • Always check the photographers portfolio- pricing is important for all families and we all know everyone has a budget, but if you select a photographer based only on price, you may end up disappointed or feeling like you are not a match with that artist. Always make sure their work is what you are ultimately looking for.

It can be so hard to not only factor in quality but budget when it comes to selecting a photographer. What are some things you consider when you start looking for a family photographer?

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