What to Wear for Fall Photos


Three wilds boys and fall is in the air. Take a look at how this family made fall colors work for their session.

What to Wear for Fall Photos

Ashley Newman Photography

Colors make a session! I think planning ahead is key and understanding how colors work and look, or even change the way a photo looks is huge when trying to decide what to wear for your family session.

Personally, I don’t always think that the season should dictate what you decide to do for family photos. If you are the kind of family that does multiple sessions a year, you may focus on themes that match the season or the type of session. Or maybe you just like a specific color. That’s totally rad!
But if you generally get pictures done once a year (or less…I see you!!), you may not want to focus on the season, but rather a color scheme that works for you and that fits in your home.

That being said, this post if for all my fall loving families! For those of you who just love it or have decided you want to embrace those colors- check out this beautiful family!

  • Mom picked one bold color- her green (I love green!) and built everything around it. I love that she stayed comfy I some jeans and an oversized sweater. This screams fall to me!

  • She coordinated her husband with a similar green but didn’t match entirely. She pulled the green in somewhere else but didn’t make it overwhelming.

  • Neutrals with a pop of color. For her boys, she grabs some darker shades to go with her hunter green, but still added in gray and a pop of color. That yellowish is everything! I think it completely pulls the entire look together.

These wild boys ran through the grass and had a blast with one another. They stayed comfy and fashionable. I love the way it all came together for them!

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